Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #212 – Motion

The photo challenge from Patti this week is to post some shots that show motion which can be done by freezing action, blurring to show movement or just by the subjects we choose in our shots that imply movement. Here’s a few shots that I think will work for this week…

Flowing water is a good way to display motion and a good place to capture it is at Niagara Falls.
There’s plenty of motion in sports which is one of my favorite subjects to shoot.
Here’s a favorite of mine, single shot, zoomed in from the upper deck at PNC Park catching Polonco’s foot on the bag and the fielder’s foot inches off the base which shows he was safe but was called out! Umpires…ugh!
I like the challenge of anticipating the action and try to capture the shot at just the right time whether it’s a slap shot at a hockey rink…
or a pro smashing a forehand at a tennis match…
or my great niece taking off on a scoring run at her soccer match…

or just playing around with panning as my nephew has some fun on his dirt bike…yikes!

Thanks to Patti for the photo challenge theme this week!

21 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #212 – Motion

  1. So glad you joined us, Andy! I think your action shots are terrific. I was really hoping that someone would post action sports shots. I’m delighted that you did. I can see how much you love this type of photography. That dirt bike shot is incredible!

  2. Always great to see your name pop up Andy – excellent sports action perfect for the challenge. Especially loved the throw at the base proving an incorrect call. If it were golf you could have called it in and they’d have changed it šŸ˜”! Also loved the dirt bike (yikes indeed) and the tennis shot. Both would also have worked for a “flying” challenge LOL.

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