Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #213 – Here Comes The Sun

This week Amy offers a challenge to show our sunshine shots from any time of the day. I’m not normally an early morning person but the reward for getting up a little early can be worth it. This first shot was the result of an early venture to downtown Pittsburgh with my camera.

The sun just getting started warming up the ballpark for a baseball game a little later in the day.
Seeing the sun working it’s way thru different areas of a scene always catches my eye.
Sunshine backlighting a subject can be a nice touch when composing an image.
I’ve been shooting a lot of monochrome lately, going to some of the same places I’ve shot before but shooting black and white only. It’s been fun looking for new images at familiar places.
Sunlight burning off the morning fog is one thing that will get me out there shooting early.
Finishing off with light at the end of the tunnel at the old Carrie Furnace site in Rankin, Pa.

Thanks to Amy for this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge.

11 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #213 – Here Comes The Sun

  1. Excellent sunlight series, Andy! Beautiful morning light of the basefall field, so are other images here. Love the light and shadows of the last one.

  2. Terrific set Andy – LOVED the baseball field in the morning light – you should definitely frame that one. Also loved the Light at the End of the Tunnel – great closing thought.

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