Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #219 – Treasure Hunt

We’re going hunting for the challenge this week. Tina provided a list of fun items for us to track down.

I’ll get started with clouds.
Clouds with rain for extra credit πŸ™‚
Sticking with the thru my windshield theme…truck(s).
Nothing like a little reflection.
Next up a zoom to the moon!
My nephew’s new pooch…
and her three new buddies.
A few umbrellas for shade.
Fall foliage coming to a camera near you real soon.
And lastly while taking a walk, caught this squirrel in a funny pose.

I think that covers the list. Thanks to Tina of Travel and Trifles for the challenge theme this week.


23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #219 – Treasure Hunt

  1. Nice collection. Zoom to the moon is impressive. I never have any luck with photos of the night sky, so I appreciate those who master it. The umbrella and autumn are bright and fun, but a squirrel who poses yoga for you??? Now thats a find. Well done.

  2. Terrific treasures Andy – the squirrel shot is priceless and your nephew provided two excellent opportunities 😊. Loved your clouds, especially the double-dip with rain and with a reflection. Very creative.

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