Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #220 – One Subject Three Ways

This week the photo challenge from Patti is about trying different ways or angles to get a good shot…taking several shots of the same subject but changing it up a bit to see if you can get a better result. You can also make changes when processing with cropping or converting to black and white.

I have a bad habit of not taking more than one shot very often. When I come across a scene or subject that suits my eye, I usually take the shot and move on unless I think there might be an exposure issue and in that case I may adjust for it and take another. Hopefully this challenge can be a reminder to stay put and ‘work the shot’ as Patti noted.

Stopped by the zoo a few weeks ago and caught this lion looking like she was about to pounce on some prey. Was pretty happy with this shot as is but tried a few things for a little different look.
Converted to black and white and like this result as well.
Then I cropped it a bit to get rid of the tree with the fencing around it to give it more of a natural setting look.
And one more as a side note…she wasn’t about to pounce on prey but rather was just starting to stretch a bit before plopping down for a little nap πŸ™‚
Came across this little waterfall also at the zoo. Here I did decide to hang around a bit and take a few shots. In this first shot, I used a little faster shutter speed to freeze the water.
Then a slower shutter speed to blur the water showing a little movement.
And finally a little closer shot from a different angle.

Thanks to Patti for the theme for the photo challenge this week.

12 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #220 – One Subject Three Ways

  1. I agree with both Donna and Patti – the shutter speed change was an excellent example of how well different approaches can work – as is the change of proximity. It was nice of the lion to perform for the exercise 😊. I liked the move to give her a more natural environment. Well done Andy

  2. I enjoyed your post, Andy. The close-up of the lion getting ready to pounce was my favorite of the first set. And I liked seeing the difference in shutter speeds on the waterfalls. Great idea! Glad you joined us.

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