Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #221 – Favorite Flowers

This week the challenge is to post shots of our favorite flowers. For me, I’m not all that familiar with the names of flowers and I don’t have a particular favorite, but I do have a few flower shots that I’ve taken that I like. That being said, here are a few…

Thanks to Anne-Christine for the theme for the photo challenge this week.

5 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #221 – Favorite Flowers

  1. Beautiful flowers – thank you for posting for the challenge, Andy. I love especially that yellow field (could be hawkbit, but they are far away) and the geranium in the little window. That would have been a typical Swedish thing. My grandmother had only geraniums, and in every window!

  2. Loved the field of yellow Andy – do you know what they were? Also loved the flower immediately following it but have no idea what that one is either. Like you, I don’t know names but that doesn’t stop me from loving flowers of any and all kinds! Great catch on the hummingbird.

    • Thanks Tina…not sure what they were. They usually pop up on a hillside that I walk by and I liked how the long stems make it look like they are standing at attention and the color made for a nice shot.

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