Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #225 – Wildlife Close To Home

The photo challenge this week offered by Anne is to show the various kinds of wildlife that like to hang around your home. Here’s a sample of some of the visitors that I get day or night.

I think if you have any amount of grass in your yard, these guys will show up…many of them.

Sometimes it sounds like bird wars going on in my backyard. There’s a pretty good variety of them swooping around staking out their spots in the trees and bushes.

Then there are those night owls prowling around. I put out a little night motion camera to see what was trying to make a home under my sunporch and caught this guy looking around one night. He looks like he’s up to no good but little did he know that garbage collection was the day before.

And of course there are plenty of deer. They seem to love my place for some reason…they even leave little deposits around the yard to let me know they were there 🙂 Here’s one in the back yard on a nice summer day and three more on a cold winter night just waiting for me to invite them in.

I usually take a peek out my front door at night before going to bed just to see if anything is going on outside. One night I looked out and saw this doe relaxing comfortably on my front lawn with two of her fawns in the shadows. I grabbed my camera to get a shot before she ran off. It looks like she’s just hanging out waiting for the movie to start…lol.

Thanks to Anne for coming up with the theme for the challenge this week.


10 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #225 – Wildlife Close To Home

  1. You have a great selection of wildlife around your home Andy. I loved the capture of the racoons. And, of course, bunnies are so cute. I’ve seen them hopping around our green areas, but never have a camera with me. Thanks for participating!

  2. LOL for the lounging deer – they do tend to make themselves at home don’t they?! As do the raccoons for sure. Great idea to use the night camera Andy. And your birds are lovely – those in the northeast are so different from ours in the south – your post is a reminder of how much I loved them back in the day. Terrific response for the week.

    • Thanks Tina…seem to be seeing a lot of different birds around lately. Maybe just noticing them more, not sure. So many deer around now, might need a few of those bobcats roaming around to thin the herd a bit 🙂

  3. The infrared camera is a great idea to identify troublemakers and trespassers! 😀😀😀. I enjoyed your post, Andy. Your capture of the cardinal is terrific.

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