Weekly Photo Challenge…Creepy

Some of my favorite shots are those taken when it’s foggy out.  It can add a ‘creepy’ feel to a picture in many cases.  I am starting with a repost of one I really like…going down the road into the fog. I think those trees on the left add to the ‘creepiness’ of the shot.
Foggy Road

A few more that give a similar feel…
creepy1          creepy2

And one more that reminds me of a scene I remember from the original b/w movie NIght of the Living Dead when the zombies were just starting to come over the ridge.  When I see this shot, I know it won’t be long before those zombies start to appear…they’re coming to get me…yikes!

For more ‘creepy’ shots from this week’s challenge, click here.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Creepy

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  2. It’s the overall blueness that gives it the creepy factor for me. Was it really that way or did you help it along? 🙂 Regardless, cool blue pics. And that thanks for dropping by.

    • That’s the way it was Cris…it was a warm evening after a recent snow that caused the fog and I went out to get a few shots after work before it got too dark.

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