Lens-Artists Challenge #121 – Focus On The Subject

The Lens Artists Challenge this week is about shots that focus on the subject using the various photographic elements like pattern, line, texture, etc.

Leaf Squared…I happened to catch this shot walking down the hallway at work one day.  The obvious subject is the lone leaf that’s framed in both the light square and the square tile.

Zooming in to fill the frame can help focus on the subject.  I went for texture in this shot.

Here the steps lead your eye to the scoreboard giving an idea of what you’ll see when you enter.

On this one, I zoomed in on a racquet dampener that I thought would make a cool shot.  The bright yellow color makes it stand out and it was already in a frame…lol.

Thanks to Patti for this week’s challenge idea.

13 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #121 – Focus On The Subject

  1. Great examples of focusing on the subject, Andy. I especially love the orangutan image and the tennis racket. Great texture, patterns, light, color. The eyes are so expressive, too.

  2. Excellent choices Andy – all do a terrific job of drawing the viewer’s eye to you subject. Your orangutan image is really special. Were you a a zoo or did you see it in the wild? either way it’s great – you’ve also done a nice job of drawing us in with his eyes.

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