Weekly Photo Challenge…Transition

From time to time, I find a reason to travel back through my old neighborhood.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Thanksgiving came and went and I’ve pretty much had all the turkey I can handle…all ‘turkeyed’ out!  So I thought it would be a good time for something different and dropped in on a place that has been around longer than me…

trianglethe Triangle Bar and Grill in Swissvale, PA., a small town in Western Pennsylvania.  They are known for their Battleships…a 24 inch long delight of a sandwich.  So for this week’s challenge, ‘transition’, I thought the next two shots would do the trick…

Now you see it…

Ummm, good…transition completed.  Now you don’t 🙂

For other views of ‘transition’ click here.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Transition

  1. Well, I guess you weren’t TOO full of turkey! I have to say that I guessed the first photo was in western PA even before I looked at the caption! I am from the Pittsburgh area originally, and there was something very familiar about that scene.

    • Not by myself Lia, had some help 🙂 Interesting name for them in Brussels. Similar sandwiches here are called ‘subs’ but short for ‘submarine’ not ‘submachine gun’…lol.

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    • Thanks Tina…I wanted to give my nephew and his kids who were in town for the holiday a local treat so with their help we polished off a couple of these. But I’m one of those lucky ones who can eat pretty much whatever I want without affecting the scale 🙂

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