Lens Artists Challenge #13 – Look Up

For this week’s Lens Artists challenge, we are looking up !  I took a photo tour last month at the Carrie Furnace Steel Plant in Rankin, PA. It’s been closed for quite some time.

Due to the history and importance of the steel industry, especially here in Western Pennsylvania, what’s left of the Carrie Furnace site has been designated a Natural Historic Landmark.

On the tour, I spent much time both looking up…

and climbing up.

But I have my limits, no thoughts of climbing ‘the stacks’…lol.

And here’s a silhouette shot looking up at this massive structure.

Thanks to Patti for this week’s theme…be sure to visit her site here

4 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #13 – Look Up

  1. Looks like a really cool tour Andy. Steel has been at the heart of PA for a long time. I had a friend nearly lose his hand in a furnace accident. So dangerous. Anyway, great shots. Glad you stayed off the stacks 😊

    • I kept thinking about how loud and hot it must have been when that place was running full tilt, tough way to make a living. And agree Tina, very dangerous. Did a summer stint at another mill and saw some nasty injuries.

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