Oops…There It Is!

Playing in my 9 hole golf league last week I had a pretty nice round going…even par after six holes.  Then it got better.  The 7th is a par 3, 165 yard hole.  I hit a 7 iron flush and it looked like it was on the flag but with the pin up front I couldn’t see the cup from the tee.  I felt good about the shot and I was thinking birdie.  But walking up to the green, I didn’t see my ball so I thought it might have gone over.

I took a couple steps toward the back of the green but then thought why not take a peek in the hole first just in case.  So I did and sure enough there it was…a hole in one!

That’s my second…the first was just about twenty years ago and because it was foggy, I didn’t see that one roll in either but I’ll take them both…lol.

I went on to finish up the last two holes with pars for a 2 under 34… 🙂

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