Lens-Artists Challenge #118 – Communication

For the Lens-Artists Challenge this week, it’s about communication and what it might mean to us.  One form of communication that came to my mind was how we’re inundated with signs…you know “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign”.   And for those of you old enough to remember that popular 70s hippie song by The Five Man Electrical Band and want to hear it again, here’s a link to it on YouTube.

Back to my take, here’s a few shots that show how signs can be an interesting communication option:
They can convey a sense of place…

Or they can be useful in preventing a certain kind of jolt!

They can make you feel 10 feet tall or maybe not tall enough and you have to wait until next year 😦

A sign can attempt to place fear in your heart…like there’s not already enough pressure on that first tee shot.

Okay, I guess I made my point…I’ll stop now 🙂

Thanks to Anne Leueen for this week’s challenge idea.

17 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #118 – Communication

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  2. Fun post Andy – must admit I’d never seen a warning sign on a golf course! Have you played that one? What course is it? Using signs in response to the challenge was a great idea – welcome back!

    • Thanks Tina. The course is a public course, Bethpage Black on Long Island. It’s in Bethpage State Park, I think it’s Farmington, NY. They played two US Opens there since and it’s known for the locals sleeping in the parking lot the night before to secure a tee time in the morning. I played it back in 2001 and had a friend work out getting us on there. Tough course, pretty long and had to fight to barely keep it under 90.

      • I always have to fight to come in under 90 Andy! Of course I know Bethpage Black. Did you ever see the Everybody Loves Raymond episode about it where he and 3 others go to the parking lot to be the first to sign up and they fall asleep in their car and miss the opening? It’s a hoot. My in-laws live in Long Island, not far from the course.

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