Weekly Photo Challenge…Vivid

When I think of ‘vivid’, the first thing comes to mind is color. Being from Pittsburgh, I’m partial to black and gold, but I do like the color blue.  Never been a big LA Dodger fan but I have to say Dodger Blue is pretty ‘vivid.’

dodger4     dodger5
‘Vivid’ blue uniforms.                                                       The old bullpen car.

Former Dodger all-stars…

Fittingly blue sky over Dodger stadium.  (10of12ts) 🙂

For other ‘vivid’ shots from this week’s challenge, click here.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Vivid

  1. Hmmm, thought for sure when you said color, we’d be talking about the bright green grass of the baseball diamond! But you fooled me with the dodger blue Andy :-). Well done.

    • Thanks Tina…could have gone for the green grass but my first thought of vivid was blue and since I just happened to have a few Dodger shots, decided to go Dodger Blue.

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