Lens-Artists Challenge #79…A Window With a View

Last fall I took a fall foliage train ride on the Potomac Eagle in Romney, West Virginia.  The window seat came with some pretty nice views…

Even the view from my car window in the parking lot didn’t disappoint…

It was a three hour round trip ride with a lot of nice landscape views.

We were warned not to stick our arms out of the windows because at times we were pretty close to the tree branches and you could get clipped or worse yet, knock your camera out of your hand…ouch!  But you know rules are made to be broken and I couldn’t resist getting a shot 🙂  This was a fairly wide open area so no danger here.

Going thru one area known as ‘The Trough’ we were told that we would see eagles flying around.  So they would announce when an eagle was flying by and an idea of where it would be.  It was pretty tough to try and see it let alone get a picture of one from a moving train.  But I managed to catch one flying toward it’s nest and another overhead.

But I have to say, getting a few nice shots of eagles is a lot easier at the zoo 🙂

Thanks to Amy for bringing us this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge.

12 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #79…A Window With a View

    • Thanks Tina…the moving train made it a lot harder to really zoom in on them and before you knew it they were gone. I had just as much fun snapping away at the different landscapes as we rode by.

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