Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #218 – Over The Hill

For the Photo Challenge this week, Donna asks for shots showing “Over The Hill” and what that might look like to us. On a visit to California a while back, I decided to get a little morning exercise.

When I saw this hill on the ocean, I knew there was a spot at the top waiting for me.
Nice little path to get me started.
Moving right along…
Hmmm, thought for a minute about taking the challenge and making the climb a bit tougher…
But a little too close to the edge…decided to stick to the path…lol.
Made it to the top and here’s the reward…what a view!
Thought I’d add one more shot. I posted this a while back for another challenge but I think this one really says “Over the Hill” so I’m including it as well.

Thanks to Donna of Wind Kisses for the Photo Challenge theme this week.

21 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #218 – Over The Hill

  1. You go Andy!! Somehow the climb always makes the view that much more appreciated! Love your closing image especially altho I see it’s in a different place. It’s really lovely and beautifully composed.

  2. I love that you walked us through your journey to the top. I agree the water would have been tempting, for about a second. I always finding it intriguing how different the views at the top from “along the way”. A nice hike. thank you for sharing with us.

    And yes, the last photo! A great example. Thanks again.

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