Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #151 – From Large to Small

The photo challenge suggested by Patti this week is an interesting one. She would like us to go with a color and show our subjects in that color in sizes from large to small. So I am going to go with yellow/gold. Pretty easy choice being from Pittsburgh 🙂

Starting out big on the Clemente Bridge in downtown Pittsburgh at the start of a race.
Then there’s this big guy floating around Presque Isle Bay in Erie, Pa.
Of course, I have to show the big Steelers linemen at training camp in their black and gold.
Getting smaller with a field of backlit yellow daisies.
Taking it down a bit more with some smaller colorful yellow flowers.
And wrapping it up with this little guy poking out from the mulch.

Thanks to Patti for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge theme this week.

20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #151 – From Large to Small

  1. Terrific post Andy – your choices are spot on and all very interesting. Loved the bridge and of course happy you featured the Steelers – they are SO Pittsburgh 😊. And of course the rubber ducky is wonderful.

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