Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #174 – Shapes and Designs.

This week the photo challenge is all about shapes and designs…

A few ideas popped in my head after thinking about it.
99 bottles of beer on the wall…lol
Of course nature provides the ultimate designs like this butterfly.
And each fall my favorite golden leaves show off their shapes after they drop to the ground.
Speaking of shapes, this small coffee table caught my eye in a different way and I had to include it. This was one of my mother’s first furniture purchases way back around 1940 or so and I decided to hang onto it. At this angle, it kinda looks like one of those military robot dogs they’re making these days…lol. Under the glass top, there’s a carving of an eagle that looks pretty cool but I decided to change it up a bit and add a more personal design of my own…
For whatever reason since I was a kid, I always kept my ticket stub from any event I attended. And over the years they really started to pile up. It just got to be a habit and I tossed them in an old shoe box not knowing what I would do with them. I thought about putting them in an album of some kind but that’s not all that different from where they were. Then one day I got the idea about tossing some of them under the glass of this table where you can see them and makes for an interesting design.

Thanks to Patti for coming up with the theme for the photo challenge this week.

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